Tracy P on her "PERIOD" B slaps customers


Note: This was posted by Tracy P on BRO a while ago.
His rant below was not in reaction to M Jackson. (I thought I had qualified this post)

It does however show Tracy P's emotional nature that earned him the nick name "the beassst of BRa i mean BRO" (emphasis on the s lol) This is why Bruins are afraid to confront the hormonal Tracy Pierson on smearing M Jackson academic status when he visited USC. Tracy will in a rage B slap any customers that hurt her feelings lol

Here is the proof, some of Tracys customers posted concerns over services. Tracy P replied by verbally , railing , beating the living crap out of all her paying customers lol Is it time for steroid therapy? Estrogen? When it comes to rejection of any sort like a woman he gets emotional, Jackson rejected me (sniff sniff "he isn't leaving ucla ...he doesn't have the grades...)
The rest is ALL TRACY...TRACY AT Her best!!!


-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

Brandon, Greg and I have had enough.

If anyone makes any comments on any BRO message board about our coverage, you'll immediately get banned. If you show us any attitude or do it again, you'll be permanently banned and your subscription will be cancelled without a refund.

Don't even joke about it.

You all are incredibly spoiled with the coverage we give you.

There is no other site that consistently reports on UCLA's football and basketball programs and their recruiting like BRO.

We've given you so much, more than any other site covering a team, and there are so many here that don't see it, only want more and are out of line.

Get a clue, guys. When it comes to Junior Day -- it's not an event the media can attend. Media can't sit in on the meetings with the recruits, interview them while Neuheisel is talking to them and take their pictures.

No other source had any information on UCLA's Junior Day. On Thursday, we published a very accurate list of the recruits that would be attending. Brandon worked his ass off calling recruits to put together that list.

And then Brandon spent his weekend calling recruits to get the info on Junior Day -- all while no other source had anything on it.

I'm going to say it -- Many of you are spoiled brats.

In terms of pictures from spring practice? Are you frigging kidding me? We gave you frigging video of practice. No other team site on the Internet provides video of quarterbacks throwing at practice, or video interviews with the coaches and players like BRO.

You're really calling us out on photos from spring practice?

Again, spoiled brats.

I went to Denver -- to attend an event the media is allowed to attend. I worked from about 8 a.m. to about 11:30 for three days while most men were sitting on their ass on the sofa watching the NBA playoffs downing beers and eating nachos. And I get online in the Denver airport, struggling to get online with their wireless, and the first thing I read is a post calling out this site for not reporting on Junior Day by Sunday morning.

Again, an event no media is allowed to attend. And, we were the only ones who had anything on it.

You might think this post is harsh, but you all have no idea what it takes to publish this site. The hours Greg, Brandon and I put in.

And you're getting better coverage than any other team site. Because Greg and I are the west coast basketball recruiting experts, and Brandon is the west football expert, you're getting coverage no other site gets. Other sites have to beg their regional recruiting experts for content. And, first, you have experts who don't know crap, and then experts who don't know crap about that specific program. But here at BRO, YOU HAVE THREE recruiting experts (Caps? Yes, I'm yelling). You see that story on the Pump Tourney on the front page of BRO? Do you see that on any other site? UCLA site or otherwise?

Again, spoiled brats.

When Howland has a press conference does anyone else have video of it on the Internet? Does anyone else have the transcript within a day -- while we have a video of it within hours?

And this is the thing: The site is now big enough that I don't mind losing a dozen subscriptions from people who can't appreciate what they have and complain. I've been patient with this for ten years now, but no longer. For now on, we get attitude, you get banned.

We don't come into your business and joke and harrass you in your job. How would you feel if you're working your ass off and a bunch of people take shots at you about your job performance who are clearly not seeing things accurately? If they were in front of you, you'd probably beat the crap out of them.

So, this is the official notification. Don't complain about it. If you do you're banned and on your way to getting your subscription cancelled. You can go to other sites and live with their coverage. And don't even respond with any kind of joke or crack to this post or that will get you banned.

Hope this message is coming through loud and clear.
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