Yup, they have the blueprint

By: August West ®

And complicit judges/officials.....This is a sore subject for me...Open borders Jao Bi Don will let everyone in from the south....funny thing though, why don’t Canadians get the same amnesty deal? They aren’t let in unless they can contribute to society. You should have seen the verification process for my wife. They called my employer, my parents, couple of my references/friends to be sure our relationship was legit. That she was able to work...if she wasn’t, did I have to means to support her. We waited in immigration lines at 3-4 in the morning, filled out piles of paperwork, had interviews. Just for a green card. And now this mother fucker is going to give 25 million criminals citizenship....yea, to say Im a little hot over this is an understatement!
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