USC... the lost decade begins

By: Paris of Troy

How is it possible, with so many great coaches available and with USC being one of the premier jobs in the country, that we end up with Lane Kiffin (after starting the search going after the decidedly non-elite Mike Riley)? Well, for one, because we have people in charge of the search who are limiting themselves to coaches they know personally -- USC people. They're rah-rahs, basically.

But beyond that, it was because Kiffin was supposed to be joined by a Dream Team staff, including several coaches who were partly responsible for our 2002-2004 run. (You know a program is desperate when it reaches into the past to try to restore former magic. See JRobII)

The news made the press. Only, it wasn't news: Chow hadn't really been signed up, and by extension, neither had Davis. In fact, Kiffin didn't even want Chow! Do you realize what a colossal PR f*ck-up that is? Chow got to say to the world that he'd rather remain at Ucla, because Ucla has something better going on. I mean, you can't make that stuff up. It is an unmitigated disaster. It also shows rank hubris: saying you have Chow wrapped up, when you don't -- not even close. You don't even know whether your head coach wants him!

And to hire Kiffin when we're under investigation by the NCAA: that's just begging the organization to come down hard on us. Imagine a day-care center being investigated for child molestation, and the center hires ... a known pedophile.

So now we're in bed with a total scumbag and we're telling the NCAA we don't give a sh&t what they think. That, my friends, is lack of institutional control.

Today commences the lost decade in USC football. Ha, and you thought the 1990's were bad.

At least there's men's tennis. #1, beatches.
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