The realists kept demanding Pete get some adults

By: San Clemente

on his coaching staff.

The error was that we believed Pete would, like in the past, let the grownups do their job.

All he did was just went out and got more yes-men.

He got a yes-man to run his offense HIS WAY. He got a special teams yes-man that did special teams Pete's way. ETC.

We demanded change because Pete's system wasn't working. If you look back on it he never really said he was going to change anything. We just assumed it. That was our mistake. We believed the offense might be in better hands. Turns out it's in the same hands with the same choke collar.

As long as Pete Checkers con artist control freak Carroll is head coach. It's Pete's way or the highway. Lets just hope Pete gets players that fit his cemented system and that USC gets lucky with turnovers. Maybe there is another Reggie Bush out there to pull our fat out of the fire again. Hope and luck is really out only chance until Pete leaves. sc
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