score one for Cal OC Andy Ludwig...

By: lagunaSC


This is excerpt from Nick Saban and Utah Coach taken from an event they both attended recently

Saban in his remarks said they should have beaten Utah by 2 touchdowns

Former Utah OC Andy Ludwig was in attendance for Saban's lecture. Ludwig, who is now the OC at Cal, presented Thursday morning and took a little offense to Saban's remarks. Ludwig opened the lecture by saying "I try to keep everything simple. You know, I sat here last night and listened to a man say how he had 30 different ways to run cover 2, and I'm just sitting there thinking to myself, 'geez, I only have one way to run a dig route'. But you know what? That one way was more than enough to beat him." (he was talking about Saban)

Later, towards the end of his speech he said, "You know, I'm sitting in the audience and I hear 'We should have beat Utah by two TDs' and I almost stood up and said, 'yeah, but you didn't.' It's kind of hard to win by two tds when you're down 21 points in the first half [1st quarter really]."
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