the media want "Salem witch trials"

By: NJ Trojan

prove them guilty in opinion then after they have killed the person determine their true guilty.

People in position of authority are just plain wrong to pronounce someones guilty. They are egging on those rioter and looters.  Not a single mayor or governor in the last 10 years has stepped up and clamped down on these shit heads.  The media loves this stuff, gets them great ratings.

I have never seen so much hatred towards one individual in my lifetime that one political party and their followers have expressed towards people of the other party including the president.  

You watch all of the mayors and governors of cities and states that have seen these riots will be screaming for a federal bailout.  

Between the Covid and now these riots the economy is really going to be shit now.  For us older people it will be like the "Carter years all over again.

nOh yea guns sales will go through the roof now.  The Democratics have systematically neutered law enforcements ability to protect and serve.

here is a great example,  protestors in philly decided to invade the Vine Street Expressway last night, this interstate cuts through the city of Philadelphia.  To do this they went around philly police officers and destroyed a metal fence. They went down an embankment to the interstate.  They chose to block traffic on the intersate. The State Troopers showed up and after they refused to leave they got tear gassed (or as the media tells it gassed) as they scrambled to get off the intersate and go back up the hill and through the hole in the fence, they got bottled necked and then the state troopers went and arressted all of them.  This was all live on TV, as some of the arrested protestors were being defiant they slipped down the hill a bit and the first thing people started saying was that was police brutailty.

Final point, people are saying we are heading to a new civil war,  not true, we are already in a civil war.   I find it absolutely hypocritical that these same black leaders wanting justice reform are the ones basically asking for a immmediate justice for the officers without due process and right to trial.  They want them dead immediately.  This is the exact same mentality they want to be reformed.

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