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By: Old Hickory Trojan


• The knee is the most common location of injury in college football players in both practice and competition, accounting for 17.1 percent of the injuries overall with a median seven days lost from participation.

• The majority of time-loss injuries (31.0 percent) caused three to six days of time loss, while injuries accounting for 21 or more days were ranked second at 19.5 percent overall.

• The most common activity at the time of injury was general play (23.9 percent), but was followed by running plays (offense: 18 percent; defense: 15.6 percent) and passing plays (offense: 14.9 percent; defense: 9.2 percent).

• Special teams (kickoffs, punts, eld goals, and point-after attempts) account for 13.6 percent of all competition injuries.

• Acute noncontact (24.1 percent) was the most common injury mechanism followed by tackling, being tackled and blocking. More than 7 percent of injuries were attributed to the playing surface.

• Linebackers are injured most often, accounting for 13.5 percent of all injuries. Running backs and receivers follow at just more than 11 percent each. Quarterbacks account for 5.8 percent of the injuries.

• Regular practices account for 91.8 percent of the injuries occurring during practices, while walk-throughs account only for 1.3 percent.

• Team drills (62.4 percent), followed by individual drills (19.1 percent), account for the majority of practice-related injuries.

• Reinjury accounted for just more than 13 percent of all injuries.

• Surgery resulted from 7.5 percent of injuries.

• Most concussions occurred to defensive players during run plays (17.8 percent), followed by offensive players during passing plays (16.3 percent). 

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