Thanks Dr. Spock...

By: El Trojan


Thanks Dr Spock. Good INFO. My comments follow




USC (-11) at Colorado (Fri).  Comment: Odds are huge considering how banged up we are. It shows great respect for or coaching staff. I take our Trojans because I think our coaching staff will have another great game!  Right SC?




Cal at Utah (-18).  Comment: Utah wins but I take the points.


Arizona (-3) at Stanford.  Comment: No respect for Stanford. Shaw may be out of a job with another year like 2019.




Washington State at Oregon (-15). Comment: Odds are too large. I take the points because the cougars can score and it is my nieces school.




ASU (-3) at Ucla. Comment: Tough game to call. Depends on what Bruin team shows up. Good luck to Brother Bruin!




Washington, Oregon State (Bye)






Wisconsin at Ohio State (-14). Comment:  I root for Ohio State because it is Gson #3’s school but I think the odds are too big. I take the points.




Auburn at LSU (-12.5). Comment:  I root for coach O but I think the odds are too big. I take the points.




Notre Dame at Michigan (-2.5). Comment: The Fighting Irish win this one. Why? Because it is El Doctors dream school and he will be praying for them all week long to prove the power of prayer. Right SC?





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