So Sc's 3rd and 5th string running backs

By: San Clemente

wound up being better than USC's Starter and second string running backs under Hugs.  Anyone surprised?  Tenure still reigns over talent under hugs.  Always has.  Did anyone really expect anything to change.  


Other than Slovis going back to throwing it up for grabs, and this time getting away with it, that pretty much sums up the game.  


Anyone come up with a name for whatever that offense is?  It's certainly not an air raid offense.  I don't know what the hell it is.  And yet it's predictable.  Now that must not be easy to do.  


and no, Tua won't be playing in 2 weeks.  But then again, I posted that it was insane to let Porter Gustin play a football game a few days afte having fresh screws put in his foot, and I thought Stepp hurt his foot not his ankle from every replay view, so what do I know. Sometimes I forget teenagers are still make out of rubber.  lmao. sc  

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