One amazing thing about this hire of Suck...

By: SCSmashmouth

I was thinking back to when Fade was hired and as much as I and some here hated that hire I don't think the overall fanbase was as pissed about getting Fade as they now are about this hire of Suckisian. I have been hearing about polls showing 80% or more of SC fans hate this hire. I don't think Fade even scored such negatives when he was hired. Really goes to show how badly Benedict screwed this up. It will be 3-4 years now of 7 and 5, 8 and 4 with annual losses to ND and UCLA (as well as Stanford and Oregon) with regular trips to El Paso and Vegas for bowls where a lackadaisical uninspired SC team will not show up and get boatraced...much like what will happen if we play Fresno State this year. Benedict is the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse rolled into one...a one man destroyer of SC football. Has any AD anywhere ever made 2 worse hires than Fade and Suck? Doubtful. 

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