what gets me about Todd Graham....

By: LagunaSC

i've been really looking into this guy and i've decided that when Kiffin leaves USC, Todd Graham is who i want for head coach. 

he's a defensive coach, but he keepw hiring inexperienced unproven guys to run his offense and they turn out to be outstanding offensive coordinators in the game.  i am noticing their offense this year, Mike Norvell.  i love the ASU offense, it's a very attacking, aggressive, fast paced style that spreads the ball around to several players beautifully.  Graham hired Norvell 5 years ago while he was just a Grad Ass't.  the guy is going to become a big name among offensive coordinators around the country. 

Major Applewhite was QBs coach at Syracuse and they had a horrible season and the offense itself was awful and that was Applewhite's first year as an assitant coach, and yet Graham picks that guy of all people to run his offense at Rice.  Rice had a huge year by their standards, the offense threw the ball all over the place and was great, leading Rice to seven wins and it's first bowl in 40 years.  Nick Saban hired Applewhite the next year and for the last 4 years he has been at Texas as Co-OC and Asst Head Coach and running backs coach. 

at Tulsa Graham hires Gus Malzahn.  he had one year at Arkansas where the head coach wouldn't let him throw the ball.  before that he was a HS coach.   that hire... well we know how that turned out.  unbelievable.

Graham also hired Chad Morris while at Tulsa in 2010.  Morris was a longtime HS coach.  the guy was so good he was hired by Clemson the next season, and after only 1 season at Clemson, he was rewarded with the highest assistant coach salary in the country (not including USC and private schools that don't report that stuff).

Mike Norvell is the next guy.  he's obviously coaches an impressive offensive attack.

how does Todd Graham keep finding these guys?  and they have almost no experience or track record.  it's amazing. 


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