By: San Clemente

I told you that barney was a loser.  He was born a loser.  He will die a loser.  He has never won anything in his life.  Feel free to go back to kindergarten.  He will never win anything .  I knew this.  You didn't.  FACT


I told you that it is not possible to win in college football today with a quarterback that can't move.  Blame the frosh lineman all you want.  Fat ass Barney is a statue. He goes into a squat and then goes down.  FACT


I told you that the whole Haiti trip was a colossal waste of time. Painting houses instead of lifting weights?  Team unity means jack shit when a team just getting worked by a stronger team. FACT


I told you that Kiffin is a spoiled brat .  Like Barney and Obama he has never earned anything in his life.  Everything was handed to him.  I told you he is a lousy offensive coordinator.  I told you he doesn't make adjustments.  I told you he thinks he's smart, but he's just a priveleged idiot. FACT


  I told you All goatshit   can do is sell.  That's it.  That is what he should stick too.  He can actually salvage his career if he sticks to that and hires a real college offensive coordinator that calls the game he can actually see from the press box.  He's too arrogant to do this.   FACT


I told you that Monty is completely incompetent.  Last year's pass defense rankings was no fluke.  He's demented.  He's clueless and he is making 1.2 million a year .  He needs to be fired TODAY.  FACT


I told you for the above reasons and others, this was not a championship team.  I expected yesterday. YOU didn't. See my pregame post.  It  went just as I posted it would go.  FACT


I told you that Haden would destroy USC football.  It's happening right in front of your eyes.  This was his goal all along.  He thinks football is too important at USC.  He told me this 20 years ago.  He finally weasled his way to where he calls all the shots.  I told you that anytime anyone has a press conference and tells you they really don't want the job, that they REALLY REALLY want the job.  Nothing is going to change any time soon.  FACT


So now what are you going to do?  You going to fill up the coliseum and watch this crap for the rest of the year?   How about next year.  .  THat piece of shit turncoat Haden thinks everything is just fine.  So what? Sit in traffic .  Walk through gang bangers like gazzels walking through lion country safari. Be rudely treated by toothless gang banger's single moms at the stadium. Filthy stadium and restrooms.   Watch this shit and then sit in your car breathing carbon monoxide in a parking structure for another hour and a half?  


At least at home you can shut it off.  


USC football is dead.  FACT.   I will let you know if that ever changes.   I do know it won't be anytime soon. 


I know football and you don't.  FACT.  sc

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