3 weeks till Pac-12 Networks....

By: LagunaSC

the agreement with NCTC a big deal but 35 million satellite subscribers have 5 weeks till kickoff.  personally i think the Pac-12 is committed to getting a deal in place with both DirecTV & Dish before the first weekend and with 35+ football games and 130+ basketball games i think both will at least carry the Pac-12 National network.  i think it's 100% sure thing to get done. let's face it, the regional networks ain't no big deal outside of those football & basketball games. not unless you *really* like the USC women's volleyball team.  football & basketball, that's where it's at (men's basketball, for you dumb guys like befuddled).  those are high demand events and the pac-12 network is loaded with them.  but who cares if you don't get pac-12 bay area or whatever.   but all you Dish & DirecTV satellite guys, you'll have the national network for sure.  it'll probably happen a week or so after launch but before the first games.   fwiw, the NCTC deal assures all the smaller cable companies in the pac-12 region will now carry the pac-12 networks. 


(number of subscribers)

1.  Comcast  23 million  (PAC-12)

2.  DirecTV  20m

3.  Dish Network  14m

4.  Time Warner  13m  (PAC-12)

5.  Cox Cable  5m  (PAC-12)

6.  Verizon  4m

7.  Charter Communications  4m

8.  AT&T  4m

9.  Cablevision  3m

10.  Bright House  2m  (PAC-12)

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