The Beat goes on-NCAA hypocrisy...

By: GaryD

It becomes clearer by the infraction that the NCAA lowered the boom on USC on a whim...we all know the Bush all accounts it was a want-to-be agent giving Bush' family rent for a year in San Diego and some "pocket money" to Bush at USC which amounted to about 50K over 2 years. The NCAA declared USC should have known about it and implied that USC was complicit with it...again the idea was for an agent to get Bush OUT of USC a year early. Why USC would have gone along with that doesn't even pass the sanity test.
Now the latest NCAA fiasco in South Carolina from yet again the SEC , home of infractions... including this and the Alabama one in 2002..shown bellow. Don't forget the smoke of the Cam "Pay me 6 figures or don't get to play me" Newton at Auburn and Infractions U at Florida under Urban Meyer that continues to keep on giving.
South Carolina infractions included ... The NCAA found the Whitney Hotel charged a rate of $14.95 (vs. $57) per athlete for two-bedroom suites. The NCAA said the rate should've been more than $57 per night for each athlete. One football player who spent more than year at the hotel, the NCAA said, received an extra benefit worth $19,280..The NCAA also alleged that South Carolina received $8,000 in improper benefits from the Student Athlete Mentoring Foundation....SAMF president Steve Gordon and treasurer Kevin Lahn were found to have paid for several unofficial visits by Gamecocks freshman receiver Damiere Byrd. Both Gordon and Lahn are South Carolina graduates....Lahn also paid for a $3,350 dinner cruise on nearby Lake Murray for several prospects that was also attended by track coach Curtis Frye and 16 members of his program....The NCAA committee said "at least four athletic department employees did not recognize the potential violations." (More than those Accused at So Cal).
South Carolina Sanctions... The NCAA has ruled that South Carolina failed to monitor its athletic program that resulted in various rules violations and has accepted the school's proposed sanctions to cut six football scholarships and slash its official recruiting visits by more than half in the coming year. There were no forfeiture of games or bowl ban attached to the penalties, which stemmed from athletes receiving $59,000 in impermissible benefits.
Alabama (2002) infractions... The university, accused of 11 major violations ? one was later withdrawn ? and five minor charges under two former coaches. Major findings cited by the NCAA Infractions Committee in imposing penalties on the Alabama football program included:...A recruit and his parents were given $20,000 in cash, lodging and entertainment by two Crimson Tide boosters. The first payment of $10,000 was made in $100 bills delivered in a grocery bag. Smith signed with Alabama but couldn't meet academic requirements. ...An Alabama booster previously identified as Logan Young of Memphis, Tenn., gave cash to a high school coach who was seeking $100,000 cash and two sport-utility vehicles in exchange for directing star recruit Albert Means to Alabama. ...An assistant coach, former recruiting coordinator Ronnie Cottrell, received two loans totaling $56,600 from Young in violation of NCAA rules. The loan was not repaid until the case became known. ...Two boosters involved in repeated rules violations were known to the Alabama staff, coaches and fans and often were seen at the team hotel during road games. ...A recruit, identified previously as Travis Carroll, was given the use of a car in 1999 for agreeing to attend Alabama. The car was repossessed when Carroll transferred to Florida. Alabama (2002)
 Sanctions...The NCAA placed Alabama on five years' probation, with a two-year bowl ban and heavy scholarship reductions (21 over 3 years).
Nice double standards by the
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