Oregon Penalties

By: JohnnyO

Rumor out there that NCAA is about to lower the boom on Oregon.

4 Years probation
Multi-year Bowl Ban
20+ scholarships lost over 3 years
No out of state recruiting for a year
No in-home visits for Gary Campbell
Wins from 2009-2011 stricken
RB Trophy forfeited
Multiple players ruled ineligible(including Barner, D'Anthony, Clay, Heimuli)

Basketball will be hit even harder according to prominent Oregon boosters. Track and Field will be hit as well

Coordinated offering of sex & drugs/alcohol to recruits is currently being investigated by the Eugene PD.

Register Guard has a story ready to print, as soon as they are close to levying charges they will break it.

We'll see if they come close to this. If they do, it will cripple their program.

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