And 2 Women I Heard Interviewed Said....

By: Terrific Tommy

that they heard yelling and a gun shot -- they ran outside -- and saw Zimmerman straddled over the kid -- who I have to assume, was already dead.  The point I'm making is this -- no witness(es) actually saw what happened -- so all we have now is the knowledge that (1) Zimmerman said he was attacked and acted in self-defense (yet the cops didn't take a photo of his alleged bloody nose or get his clothes for evidence which could have had Zimmerman's blood on them) and (2) what Martin's friend said she heard when  he was talking to her on his cell phone.

The public knows very nlittle -- and now we have the "NEW" Black Panther Party offering a $10,000 reward for the capture of Zimmerman -- and masses marching in the streets of Sanford, Florida, New York City, Oakland and I think even southern California.  Bad shit Bill -- and very dangerous.

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