the main cheat USC did

By: Art_Vandalay

letting the cheating go on.  Did Pete know? Of course he did but he probably wasn't in on it but we will never know. 

My question is how did most of us on the board know USC was cheating but Pete and staff didn't?  We all knew that Reggie's parents didn't attend one away game year 1.  year 2, they flew first class to EVERY fawking away game.  I could name 100 more reasons why but SC got in trouble more because they just let the cheating go on instead of at least ask some questions.  Then, SC failed to help the NCAA when they came asking questions. 

In short, how did we all know Reggie was cheating?  Don't you remember all the posts from me specficially, "where did Reggies mom get the money to upgrade her 1984 Toyota Corolla to a Cadillac SUV just sixty days after Reggie signed?  I asked where Reggie got the 3 carrot diamond ear rings (faj).  I asked why where his broke azz trash parents got the cash to fly first class to every game.  How did I fawking know but Pete didn't?  That's a cheat dude.

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