So who here still supports the Kiffins?

By: San Clemente

seems to me it's down to just a few hardcore rah rahs.

The same rah rah's that were 100 percent behind HACKET until the day he was fired and then denied that they ever supported him.

The wheels have come off the Kiffen coaching staff. That much is clear to anyone with a brain.

Hiring Monte was a popular choice at the time. Who knew he had developed dementia? Goatboy must have known. He hired him anyways. At a million bucks a year, more than most head coaches get. Not that it matters now but Monte will go down in USC history as the single worst defensive coordinator in school history. NO one comes close. It is a complete disaster. Goatboy choosing blood over water isn't going to help his career.

Monte has become a joke. NO one has any confidence in him. Even goatboy by his decisions has proven he has no confidence in him. How else do you explain his comments at the end of the Washington game and his choice not to take the penalty and force OSU out of field goal range yesterday. Monte is a bumbling idiot. He has been sheltered so far by Kiffin who appeared to be just trying to ride out the season.

NOW KIFFIN HAS BIGGER, MUCH BIGGER PROBLEMS. The tide has turned on HIM. The focus is now on his incompetence. The glow after the CAL game is long gone. Now with the full focus on KIFFIN and what he can do with a backup quarterback going into USC's two rivalry games could end his career.

Whatever fan base he had is down to a few brain dead, pom pom stuffing rah rah's who would support Hitler if he was USC's head coach.

This has happened really really fast. It took Hackett to be half way into his second season before the tide turned on him. Larry smith had rose bowl success until the tide turned on him.

GOATBOY finds himself in the hotseat of a team that's on probation and facing major sanctions. He isn't getting the sympathy he thought he would get. He's pissed off enough people over his short and silver spooned career where he has never won anything on his own that he doesn't have the usual tolerance most coaches get.

Could he be let go after just one season? IF he loses the next two games, this is now a possibility. Maybe that's what he was thinking when he had that blank stare on his ugly mug. He is in charge. No one else to blame.

There is just too much money involved for USC to just sit there and let the Kiffins destroy a program. Remember his current boss didn't and would never have hired him.

Should be interesting. sc

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