True, but it doesn't have to be

By: San Clemente

If USC had an actual competent college defensive coordinator, he would make an effort to disguise the D by faking blitzes and shifting in and out of formations while stunting the D line.

USC didn't blitz at all. NOT AT ALL. Too pussy afraid to give up the big play , they didn't really hit the Oregon built like a chick quarterback Thomas at all.

True you don't want to blitz too much and it's safer from the outside , but Oregon's MOBILE quarterback had ALL FUCKING DAY to throw the ball.

I told you people that read and react would not work and it didn't. It was prison raped.

I told you people that MONTE didn't have clue one on how to stop a mobile quarterback and he still doesn't this morning.

I told you people that Kennard fucking stinks as a linebacker and he did last night.

I told you people that Monte's zone D would be a disaster and it was. You have to wake him up and ask him why he kept going back to it when he admitted before the game it wouldn't work.

NO ADJUstments. Oregon went to the white kid Jeff M every time on third and long and not once did that blithering idiot Monte touch him at the LOS or put man coverage on him.

OREGON"S O is stoppable. It can be contained. It can be attacked. It can be taken out of it's rhythm.

It just can't be stopped by MONTE KIFFIN. That much was proven last night. sc

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