Oregon's offense has advantage every play because


No one has talked about a significant reason for Oregon's success offensively

Yeah, yeah I know ... the QB and the RB are really good players and that results in success.

However there is more to the quick tempo then meets the eye. You think aha...quick tempo , confuses and tires out the defense. Gets the Defense caught out of position.

However the quick tempo allows for something far more lethal IMO.

The quick paced tempo allows enough time for the Oregon's "eye in the sky" coaches in the booth to quickly analyze the formation the defense presents on every single play , identify the best adjustment offensively to attack that defense, relay it to the head coach who calls the audible at the line of scrimmage.

You have real time adjustments offensively (by the coaches) on every play offensively, the whole game. It gives the ducks the advantage on every single play. USC doesn't have time to counter.

Basically the Oregon coaches are calling every audible with real time intelligence.

It gives the Duck offense the upper hand on every play, the best chance to take advantage of what the defense is presenting. It takes a lot of pressure off the QB in calling plays.

In war, real time intelligence allows you to identify strengths and weaknesses to meet every challenge with overwhelming force, resulting in winning every battle.
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