Pete adapted? Are you freaking kidding.

By: San Clemente

He didn't adapt jack shit. He is too fucking stupid to adapt anything.

THe only thing Checkers did was get more cowardly each year and move the safety further and further back while limiting blitzing.

Did you miss the Oregon and Stanford game last year. They would still be scoring if that idiot Carroll was still coach.

And no Monte did not bring the beta version. He brought the same original version that Pete blindly copied. Carroll is dumber than you think. He is completely incapable of original thought. He ran up and down the same tree branch every year while the rest of the league evolved.

And no 70 year old men do not all of a sudden GET IT. The defense isn't changing. The coaches blame the players.

Some thing that bringing back McKay if he were still alive would be a good idea. Well it wouldn't. The game has long passed him by too.

The only solution is to clean house. Put monte in a retirement home and hook him up to a tube. FIRE goatboy. Eat the buyout and start over. Any other discussions is just mental masterbation.

Almost as worthless as practice without tackling. sc
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