No they are not. After losing Hundley for all

By: Java

But 16 games and paying him 6.5 mil last year, they "lost" him this year for the same amount. And SURPRISE he will walk away at the end of his deal. Want to bet LA pull s something really bright and signs him a THIRD time? I swear, Hundley's probably sitting there saying "pull my finger, go ahead"

Chicago was rid of the Karros salary this year, dumping him and the A's were stupid enough to sign him. But no, LA got to adopt Todd one more year to rid themselves of Alphabet and Karros.

You're right though, the 2nd half numbers of ALL the guys they got rid of were published in the paper today. Roberts, Lo Duca and Mota. Among others. Martin too. Those guys SUCKED. No wonder LA bombed in the 2nd half previous years. And Lo Duca was starting to slide again this year. He started at .360 and then slid slid slid. I always thought they should rest him or play him at 1B a lot more.

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